I've been good! It's been in August.

Hi, how are you? I'm good.

I'm writing what happened to me recently.

I got a job which is waitress in Japanese restaurant. It's in the city. I'm happy to get it but it's too busy. However, I can do it!!

I usually have wage every Tuesday so I'm very happy.

There are many staffs who are most Japanese but I have to talk to customers in English. I think it's good experience to speak English.

I got the job and thank to there because I can't speak English well. I wanna speak English well and remember a lot of work.

I'm afraid of calling in restaurant because I don't have confidence I can listen what the customers said.

I finally called for customer who speaks English, but I was so nervous. I barely had his booking but I had to repeat to him cuz I haven't had a confidence.

My manager was kind to me and taught me how to have a booking on the phone, so I wanna have one smoother. I have to remember how to talk politely.


I've been so sad that my teacher has gone to the USA because of on his holiday. I really like him because he's the best teacher for me in my school.

I've promised him that he'll come back to the school and I'll take a photo with him.

I told him I'll miss him many times and then he hugged me . I was so happy.

 I've changed my next step class for two weeks, but it was so boring. I found my before teacher was great teacher. A top of teachers told me I'm going to change new class after one or two weeks. I think please open the new class soon!!!

I hope my before teacher to come back soon and be new class's teacher.


I have to work today, I can do it!!

I have heard my coworkers are quitting their job after two weeks, so I'm sad. 


If my English is wrong, I'm sorry that. I'm writing my diary to improve my English.


see you next daily!


The unlucky day.

Hi, how are you?

I'm writing about unlucky day is yesterday.


I went to school yesterday.

I always take the train or tram to go to school but yesterday was so terrible.


In yesterday morning, I went out of my house at 8 o'clock and waited for the tram about more than 20 minutes. However, it didn't come so I gave up it and then I changed the train to go to school. When I got the station, I was so surprised because there are many people and a train which was coming there at 8:06 a.m. didn't come. 

I waited for the train and it finally came but it was full so I couldn't get on it. The tram was full too. Therefore, I waited for next train and it came in 10 minutes later. I was so happy.
However, the train I got on stopped at Prahran station and train drivers didn't know how long the train started moving again. I was disappointed.
Then I got off it and walked about 15 minutes and went to the tram stop and got on it.
Eventually, it took 2 hours to go to school.
I was so tired.😭😭


I searched the reason was stopping the train.

I found that the train powered down and had a little fire. It was so terrible.

I've hated transportation in Melbourne because of yesterday.

Transportation in Japan is so nice, cheap and comfortable for everyone.


If you find wrong sentences, please tell me the correct sentences.


See you next time!

have a goodnight!

Long time no see!!! I'm alive:) haha

How are you? I'm fine! 😊

But I don't have money, so recently I'm looking for some jobs. 💦

Even though I was going to have interview to get a job this afternoon, I was canceled by the client. 😭Cause she looked for another person who worked longer time than me.

Anyway, I'm looking for a job! So I'm going to go to Japanese restaurant to get a job.😔

Chika who is my childhood taught me that salary of the restaurant is too cheap. However, I thought that it was good experience to work in a hotel. So I try to have an interview next Monday.👍


 I'm writing about recent events.

I had date with an Australian man I met at language exchange last week. He is 32 and a programmer. He wanted to study Japanese. I want to study English a lot too.

He invited me, we went to the aquarium in the city. It was good. 🐠🦈🐡But I thought Japan aquariums are much nicer than it. And then we went to a cafe and Japanese restaurant where I wanted to go.

After we entered into it, suddenly he became silent.⚡️

I thought that he felt sick or didn't like the restaurant. So I asked him he looked like feeling sick or being nervous. He told me that he felt good, but didn't be hungry. Because he drunk a lot the day before.

I thought he should tell me that before we entered into there. So I told him that he didn't need to eat.

He was silent again, I worred about him. Suddenly he told me that I didn't like him on translated application. ⚡️I saw it and didn't know why.😵 Because I didn't tell him not to like him.

I asked him the reason, so he said "I'm sensitive." I listened that, therefore I didn't know why. By chance, I understood what he said because I recently learned the meaning of the word. However, I didn't believe how to tell his thought on his phone.

Even though I didn't want to ask him the reason, I asked him which he liked me as a friend or a woman.

He answered "As a woman."

I was surprised!! 😵⚡️Cause we met for the first time was three weeks ago!! And we emailed a little each other for three weeks

I couldn't like him because of those events.

After he told me that, we had serious atmosphere during dinner. So we didn't talk each other. He was shaking his hands during dinner.

The dinner was too bad because of him. When I went there with my friend, it was so good! 

We went out soon, and then I asked him again that why he thought I didn't like him.

He told me that  because Australian women quickly move to another man, so he had to tell me his thought before I moved to another man.

I listened that and thought I'm Japanese!! I wasn't the same as them. In the first place, I didn't tell him that I like him.I told him that I didn't like him as a man.😔

Finally I wanted to go home and said goodbye to him.

At the night, he apologized to me that. I thought I had to reply to him, but he didn't answer me.😅


Language exchange in Melbourne is like Machikon in Japan. There are a lof of people who wanted to make some friends! However, some men especially looked for a girl he brought at the night. So be careful to go to language exchange! 💔 Especially Japanese women was thought light girls by some foreigner men.😰


Next article..... if I have free time, so I'm going to write here! 😂 



Two weeks after I came to Melbourne✨

Hi! How are you?💓

Lately I'm finally fine. But I have a cough yet.💦

I spent two weeks, so I was very tired.😱


I had exams for the first time at the school, so I'm pre-inter student.🙌

There are many students who are from different countries in my class. They are from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Colombia and Mexico. They are very friendly, so I like them!! 💕

When I entered into my class for the first time, everyone talked to me. I was very happy!❤️😊

And James who is my teacher is very kind to us!✨

But I was surprised to see him for the first time. Because he has an unique beard and hair.😏

And my school's staffs are very friendly. So I'm happy.☺️💕

However, there are 4 Japanese including me in the classroom. Though I thought we had to speak in English, we tended to speak in Japanese. I'll be careful to speak in Japanese.😰

And I also introduced my host family to everyone. My host family is only host parents. However, there are 3 people who come from Korea, China and Germany expect them. They are high school students. So we had dinner together every night. Then they talked to everyone expect me. Because I couldn't listen to what they said. It was very difficult for me.😭 I wanna listen it.

And I hung out with Yuki who is my classmate last Sunday. ☺️💓We wanted to go to a library to borrow something such as books, DVDs and so on. Even though we didn't know how to get a card, we didn't borrow anything. We were disappointed.😱💔

However, this Friday, we went there again to get it. 👍✨Before we went there, Maha who is my school's teacher taught us how to get it. So we finally got it to borrow something. Then I wanted to borrow movies for a child to improve my listening in English. My borrowing time is three weeks. I'll do my best.🙌

Actually I want to write more, but I'm very tired.

Next time, I think of going to language exchange last Wednesday.✨


Thank you for reading until the end.

See you next time!!👍


homestay in Melbourne ✨

I have been to Melbourne .  Before I forgot memories, I wrote here too.


10rd June 

I arrived at airport in Melbourne, my friend and her husband picked me up by car.

Thank you so much!!!!❤️❤️

And she bought me juice and muffin, it was nice!☺️


First, we went to their house because he worked.

After he got off car, we went to my homestay house. It was a little far. So my house is opposite way her house.

When I greeted us, so my host family greeted me with open arms too!😊💕

I went into my room, and I was very surprised!!! Because this room looked like a hotel room.😍


This air conditioner was made from FUJITSU!!! It was the popular company's name in Japan.😳

And it had a lot of storage space, big desk, big bed and so on. I like this room😄💕


After I put my luggages in my room and talked to host mother, I and Chika who is my friend from my hood child went shopping for me.

The shopping mall where we went was too big to look all store. 


I'd like to buy SIM card, we went to Optus shop. 

A staff recommended some items to us. But I couldn't hear what she said. 

Chika asked her for buying SIM card and having mobile phone number. Their conversation was too fast for me to hear it.

Thank to her, I got it and I can contact everyone anywhere. Thank you so much!!!❤️❤️

Chika wanted to eat sushi, so we bought it.  I was surprised at seeing the store because it had a lot of salmons. Most Australian seem to like salmon.




I stayed my home because I was very tired.

But Rick who is my host father taught me how to go to the nearest station and tram stand.

There are many stations and tram stands which each have numbers in Melbourne, so it was hard for me to memorize numbers.



I went to the central part of Melbourne alone by the train.

Though Rick taught me way to the station the day before, I was worried how to go to school.

When I walked until the station, the train just arrived. So I got on it, got off the nearest station from school.

While I saw mobile map, I walked around the station. But I didn't find my school.

And I saw it many times, I finally found it!!! 

Even so it's entrance was too narrow!!!!! I was surprised it.


Entrance was shutter in the left of this picture.


The central of Melbourne was too big and has a lot of people!!





I went shopping at DAISO. But it has a lot of things which price were all 2$80¢. It was expensive for me.

Also I went to supermarket which is local shop. I bought necessities, and I went home.

When I got on the train, there wasn't destination on electric bulletin board.

Though I thought it was strange, I got on it because I wanted to go home early.

However I made a mistake in another train. 

I went to terminal, changed trains. And I finally went home.

By the way, I was surprised at seeing it into the train.

It was scared for me that a woman quarreled with a man. 

Though she cried and shouted for help, everyone in the train saw it and laughed.

A woman near me explained about quarrel to us, but I couldn't understand it. 




I will start my school tomorrow!!

I'll do my best!!  I'm going to bed early.




























































Stay in Japan ❤️

I stayed in Japan for 5 days. The time which l spent in Japan was very fast for me.

Before l forgot the memories, l wrote my diary.


Jun 3rd

l left at Cross Rord. But l remembered my water bottle was still school!!

So l requested taxi driver to come back to my school.

When l came back, everyone welcomed me again😆haha    I didn't want to go home in Japan.

I said goodbye to them again, I really left at school.

I had no problem to get on airplane.✈️

While the airplane, I cried a little because I remembered everything in Cebu.

Finally I arrived late at airport in Nagoya, my parents picked me up by my car.


Jun 4rd

I went to Toyohashi with my parents.

l saw ex-coworker there, so l was very happy to talk to her.

After I saw her, we saw my brother and his girlfriend.

When I saw her, I thought she is always cute!!

We had yakiniku, it was very delicious 😊

After dinner, we played fireworks in hand near his apartment.


After fireworks, my parents went home.

Because I wanted to talk to her, we talked for 2 hours while he played TV game.   I had fun time. 

Though we didn't hang out, we promised hanging out next time.




Jun 5rd to 6rd

I went to Tokyo for seeing the stage which title is "kiss  of  the spider woman" with my friend.

It was famous movie in the world. But I didn't know it.😅haha

I like Okura Tadayoshi who is an idle in Japan.

Because he appears as valentine, I wanted to see it.

My friend got tickets and we saw it.

It was very good stage!!!!! He is very cool and sexy.

It was about 3 hours. But it was too short for me.

I'd like to see it again. 



I got on Shinkansen, but it was too long time. Because it was local Shinkansen.😭💔

Also my two-way tickets are local, so I was very tired💦



Jun 7rd to 8rd

I stayed my house. 


Jun 9rd

I left in Japan. My parents saw me airport in Nagoya.


I arrived in Narita and taken my connection to Melbourne.


My flight was too long for me, so I was very tired.😭💔

Also I had a cold more wrong. 




























































the last day in Cebu

 Finally the last day in Cebu😭😭😭

I'm very sad, so l cried three days ago.

Yesterday, I went to massage, went out for dinner with my classmates, and went to nightclub!!

It was my first time!😆🙌 I had fun time.

I really like Angel who is my teacher, so I talked to her last night. Her story is very exciting, we were laughing.

And her boyfriend is a nice man. I talked to her about boyfriend, l was very happy. I was surprised at her story. I thought that that is very website😂😂haha

Anyway, last night was good time. I was happy to take a picture with everyone.

I'd like to come back here and see everyone!!

I decided to come back to cross road in Cebu.

I really like crossroad's staff, my classmates, my friends, my teachers, and housekeepers.

Thank you so much!!❤️

I'm going home in Japan, so l'm gonna go to Australia!

I'm enjoying in Japan😊✨


And Anne who is my teacher said to me, you should write blog by English! So you will practice to write English!! 

Because I'm trying to write my blog by English.
























My teacher✨お化粧のこと大好きで、コスメについて常に話してた❤️笑 早く日本来て欲しいー💓✨一緒にご飯食べたり、遊んだりしたい😆✨





My teacher✨私の笑い方について常に笑ってくる可愛い女性😍とにかく面白くて、でも自分持ってて下着のこだわりに関してはほんまに笑った!!笑




My teacher❤️✨

本当に好き!❤️こんなにも気が合って、最初は授業少し嫌だったけど、最後はこの時間が本当に楽しかった🙌💕発音同じこと何回尋ねても、教えてくれて笑 最終的にはめっちゃ笑われたけどねw



Angelの彼氏おるのにそっちのけでずーっと話してた笑 もう既にAngelロスな私w




Cross x Road大好きです💓