Melbourne Museum🖼 school excursion✨

I went to Melbourne museum with my classmates on my last day of school.


I’ve been there before, but my classmates have never been there, so we decided to go there.

My classmate Akira became the tour guide, and he took us with using a tram.


When we went to the entrance, there were a lot of people and I was surprised because it was weekdays and I thought it wasn’t crowded. There is a long queue, and we queued and bought tickets on free because of the student card. When I saw inside, I was surprised again because the dinosaur section has changed before. I could see new one, and I had fun time. 

It was for the last day I went to school. After we came back to school, my teacher game me a certificate.


I like my classmates, so I’m lonely.

After I graduated from the school, I’ll do my best for next stage!!

Thank you so much for everything!!

I miss my friends, classmates, schoolmates and teachers.


I’ll come back to Melbourne before I go back to Japan. I’ll let you know when I come back to Melbourne.



I wanna post on a lot of photos, but I can’t post because I don’t know why.😭💦

Ice cream festival🍨 end of September!✨

I went to same place where I went for Chicken Festival before with Yuki and Chihiro.

Before we went there, we went to China town to eat Shoronpo.



It was so good.

After that, we went there to eat ice cream. There were different ice cream, and we shared a little strange ice cream. It was with a syringe, and syringe had Mango sauce. It was so nice and cute.





When I saw the syringe, I reminded of my previous work.



While we were eating, the final football game held in Melbourne.

There were many people who watched it. We didn’t know rules of the game, but I thought it was fun.

Some people who watched it were cheering Melbourne term, and they looked like enjoying.



We went home without watching the end of game, but  the term won!! The local people were so happy.

I wanna go back to Japan, and I wanna see the volleyball game.

A lot of farewell parties✨❤️ during October!

I had to quit part-time job because of my personal reasons. My coworkers held a lot of farewell parties.

We went out for drink or eat after working.

Our coworkers are so kind to me, and I like them. It was hard-working, but I had fun time with them. Especially, Ikumi and Sae-san are friendly and so kind. They are so funny.

I went to Korean restaurant with Ikumi, Sari and Sae-san. It was the last day I worked. We had some Chijimi. It was so yummy. I wanna eat it again with them.

It was nice to meet them. I’m happy, but I’m lonely because I have to leave here.

I’ll come back to Melbourne, so I’ll see you again.

I like you, thank you so much for everything.


Journey💓 end of September!

I joined in VIC tour which was held by U&I Global with Chihiro. After I’ve been to Melbourne, I had a bus journey for the first time.



We went to Grampians National Park, Mackenzie Waterfalls and The Balcony. I had to wake up early because the meeting time was in the city at 7:15 am, so I was so tired.

First, we went to Grampians, and it took about 4 hours to get there. It recently comes to be spring, so the air-conditioner was working all the time. I felt so cold!!

Before we got there, we had Fish&Chips for lunch near there. It was good, but I couldn’t eat any meal because it’s so big.




After lunch, we got to Grampians and Mackenzie Waterfalls. It’s so amazing, and it made me relaxed. There might be a lot of fresh air. I took some photos with her. It was fun!



There were many tourists like us, we watched a lot of people. And then, a woman dropped her phone into stream, and her friend tried to catch it, but she also dropped into stream. I saw it and I thought poor thing.

After that, we left there and went to The Balcony. It’s so good, but it’s a little hard to get there because we had to a walk about 15 minutes. It’s a place which become a model of “Mononoke Hime” is a Japanese movie. Most people didn’t promise a rule in there, so I was a little sad because I thought the rule should be promised.



After that, we couldn’t go to next place because we didn’t have enough time. I was disappointed, but I enjoyed this journey.

I had good memories in Melbourne.


The Chicken Festival🍗

I went to the Chicken Festival with my friends last week. It was out of the city and it took a hour to get there by the train. It was near Regent station.

I saw train crossings when we went to the festival. It was my first time, and I was so surprised when I saw it. Before the train came to the station, the alarm rang. The fence of train crossings closed in front of us as soon as the alarm rang.

In Japan, as soon as it rang, the lever of train crossings downed in front of walkers. I found different points between Japan and Australia.


I talked with my friends in English and I did my best.

The festival has different chickens and we shared it. It was good, so I was very full. We took photos and it was fun time.



After we went back to the city, I and Mia went window shopping and bought bubble tea. I bought it at different shop where she recommended. It's a cheaper shop than usual shop where I went. It was yummy.


Then, she wanted to buy something about beauty, so we walked around the city. We talked a lots and I had great time. Thank you so much! Let's hang out next time!😊💓


BQQ Party

I went to barbecue party about 2 weeks ago. My friend hosted it, and I went there with my other friend. I imagined it was outside, but it was made like a raunge where people lives in the apartment who can use. 

When I got there, most people who joined the party were full. I had a lot and I made a new friend. She's from Taiwanese, but she can speak Japanese a little. She's so nice and I talked to her a lot. Her friends are nice, and then it was great time. My friend who was classmate was kind to everyone, and thank you for inviting me. If it's such a party, I wanna go it.

I had a lot of meals and I was so happy.


The Great Ocean Road🇦🇺🐳

I went to The Great Ocean Road with my friends who were Chika and her husband about two week ago.

He drove all day long, and we went there and waterfall where I didn't know the name.😅

The waterfall was so nice and it made me relaxed.☺️✨




After going there, we went to The Great Ocean Road. It was so beautiful and nice!!😍💕






I think it was awesome to be made by nature. It was also cold because of the winter. I want to go there again in the summer, but she told me there will be a lot of flies in the summer. I don't want to imagine this situation. There were a lot of tourists who were most Chinese. I was surprised they had cup noodle in such a place.

There isn't any restaurant near it, so we went toward her house and had lunch near hers. It took 2 hours to get restaurant.

I'm sorry that I slept a little while he was driving a lot.

We had lunch at Chinese restaurant and I got home.

I was tired but I enjoyed it!

Chika and Jum-kun Thank you so much!❤️😊🙏