Two weeks after I came to Melbourne✨

Hi! How are you?💓

Lately I'm finally fine. But I have a cough yet.💦

I spent two weeks, so I was very tired.😱


I had exams for the first time at the school, so I'm pre-inter student.🙌

There are many students who are from different countries in my class. They are from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Colombia and Mexico. They are very friendly, so I like them!! 💕

When I entered into my class for the first time, everyone talked to me. I was very happy!❤️😊

And James who is my teacher is very kind to us!✨

But I was surprised to see him for the first time. Because he has an unique beard and hair.😏

And my school's staffs are very friendly. So I'm happy.☺️💕

However, there are 4 Japanese including me in the classroom. Though I thought we had to speak in English, we tended to speak in Japanese. I'll be careful to speak in Japanese.😰

And I also introduced my host family to everyone. My host family is only host parents. However, there are 3 people who come from Korea, China and Germany expect them. They are high school students. So we had dinner together every night. Then they talked to everyone expect me. Because I couldn't listen to what they said. It was very difficult for me.😭 I wanna listen it.

And I hung out with Yuki who is my classmate last Sunday. ☺️💓We wanted to go to a library to borrow something such as books, DVDs and so on. Even though we didn't know how to get a card, we didn't borrow anything. We were disappointed.😱💔

However, this Friday, we went there again to get it. 👍✨Before we went there, Maha who is my school's teacher taught us how to get it. So we finally got it to borrow something. Then I wanted to borrow movies for a child to improve my listening in English. My borrowing time is three weeks. I'll do my best.🙌

Actually I want to write more, but I'm very tired.

Next time, I think of going to language exchange last Wednesday.✨


Thank you for reading until the end.

See you next time!!👍