Long time no see!!! I'm alive:) haha

How are you? I'm fine! 😊

But I don't have money, so recently I'm looking for some jobs. 💦

Even though I was going to have interview to get a job this afternoon, I was canceled by the client. 😭Cause she looked for another person who worked longer time than me.

Anyway, I'm looking for a job! So I'm going to go to Japanese restaurant to get a job.😔

Chika who is my childhood taught me that salary of the restaurant is too cheap. However, I thought that it was good experience to work in a hotel. So I try to have an interview next Monday.👍


 I'm writing about recent events.

I had date with an Australian man I met at language exchange last week. He is 32 and a programmer. He wanted to study Japanese. I want to study English a lot too.

He invited me, we went to the aquarium in the city. It was good. 🐠🦈🐡But I thought Japan aquariums are much nicer than it. And then we went to a cafe and Japanese restaurant where I wanted to go.

After we entered into it, suddenly he became silent.⚡️

I thought that he felt sick or didn't like the restaurant. So I asked him he looked like feeling sick or being nervous. He told me that he felt good, but didn't be hungry. Because he drunk a lot the day before.

I thought he should tell me that before we entered into there. So I told him that he didn't need to eat.

He was silent again, I worred about him. Suddenly he told me that I didn't like him on translated application. ⚡️I saw it and didn't know why.😵 Because I didn't tell him not to like him.

I asked him the reason, so he said "I'm sensitive." I listened that, therefore I didn't know why. By chance, I understood what he said because I recently learned the meaning of the word. However, I didn't believe how to tell his thought on his phone.

Even though I didn't want to ask him the reason, I asked him which he liked me as a friend or a woman.

He answered "As a woman."

I was surprised!! 😵⚡️Cause we met for the first time was three weeks ago!! And we emailed a little each other for three weeks

I couldn't like him because of those events.

After he told me that, we had serious atmosphere during dinner. So we didn't talk each other. He was shaking his hands during dinner.

The dinner was too bad because of him. When I went there with my friend, it was so good! 

We went out soon, and then I asked him again that why he thought I didn't like him.

He told me that  because Australian women quickly move to another man, so he had to tell me his thought before I moved to another man.

I listened that and thought I'm Japanese!! I wasn't the same as them. In the first place, I didn't tell him that I like him.I told him that I didn't like him as a man.😔

Finally I wanted to go home and said goodbye to him.

At the night, he apologized to me that. I thought I had to reply to him, but he didn't answer me.😅


Language exchange in Melbourne is like Machikon in Japan. There are a lof of people who wanted to make some friends! However, some men especially looked for a girl he brought at the night. So be careful to go to language exchange! 💔 Especially Japanese women was thought light girls by some foreigner men.😰


Next article..... if I have free time, so I'm going to write here! 😂