The unlucky day.

Hi, how are you?

I'm writing about unlucky day is yesterday.


I went to school yesterday.

I always take the train or tram to go to school but yesterday was so terrible.


In yesterday morning, I went out of my house at 8 o'clock and waited for the tram about more than 20 minutes. However, it didn't come so I gave up it and then I changed the train to go to school. When I got the station, I was so surprised because there are many people and a train which was coming there at 8:06 a.m. didn't come. 

I waited for the train and it finally came but it was full so I couldn't get on it. The tram was full too. Therefore, I waited for next train and it came in 10 minutes later. I was so happy.
However, the train I got on stopped at Prahran station and train drivers didn't know how long the train started moving again. I was disappointed.
Then I got off it and walked about 15 minutes and went to the tram stop and got on it.
Eventually, it took 2 hours to go to school.
I was so tired.😭😭


I searched the reason was stopping the train.

I found that the train powered down and had a little fire. It was so terrible.

I've hated transportation in Melbourne because of yesterday.

Transportation in Japan is so nice, cheap and comfortable for everyone.


If you find wrong sentences, please tell me the correct sentences.


See you next time!

have a goodnight!