I've been good! It's been in August.

Hi, how are you? I'm good.

I'm writing what happened to me recently.

I got a job which is waitress in Japanese restaurant. It's in the city. I'm happy to get it but it's too busy. However, I can do it!!

I usually have wage every Tuesday so I'm very happy.

There are many staffs who are most Japanese but I have to talk to customers in English. I think it's good experience to speak English.

I got the job and thank to there because I can't speak English well. I wanna speak English well and remember a lot of work.

I'm afraid of calling in restaurant because I don't have confidence I can listen what the customers said.

I finally called for customer who speaks English, but I was so nervous. I barely had his booking but I had to repeat to him cuz I haven't had a confidence.

My manager was kind to me and taught me how to have a booking on the phone, so I wanna have one smoother. I have to remember how to talk politely.


I've been so sad that my teacher has gone to the USA because of on his holiday. I really like him because he's the best teacher for me in my school.

I've promised him that he'll come back to the school and I'll take a photo with him.

I told him I'll miss him many times and then he hugged me . I was so happy.

 I've changed my next step class for two weeks, but it was so boring. I found my before teacher was great teacher. A top of teachers told me I'm going to change new class after one or two weeks. I think please open the new class soon!!!

I hope my before teacher to come back soon and be new class's teacher.


I have to work today, I can do it!!

I have heard my coworkers are quitting their job after two weeks, so I'm sad. 


If my English is wrong, I'm sorry that. I'm writing my diary to improve my English.


see you next daily!