St.Kilda beach

I went to St.Kilda beach with my friends about two weeks ago. They knew it was gonna rain since the afternoon, but we wanted to go there because one of us has few days off. Her days off are only Mondays and Wednesdays.

After we finished classes, we went there by the tram.
In less than 15 minutes when we got there, it suddenly rained. It was gradually raining a lot, so we decided to go home. I didn't have an umbrella because I didn't know it rained. I was getting in the rain until getting home. 😭

After getting home, I looked like I was after having a shower. When I got home, I had a shower to protect myself from having a cold.
I really wanted to stay there more.😣 It was nice, but I hoped the weather would be sunny. I wanna go there again if it's sunny.
I also wanna go to Brighton beach!😊✨
Yuki, Chihiro and Jariya, thank you for coming with me.❤️