The Great Ocean Road🇦🇺🐳

I went to The Great Ocean Road with my friends who were Chika and her husband about two week ago.

He drove all day long, and we went there and waterfall where I didn't know the name.😅

The waterfall was so nice and it made me relaxed.☺️✨




After going there, we went to The Great Ocean Road. It was so beautiful and nice!!😍💕






I think it was awesome to be made by nature. It was also cold because of the winter. I want to go there again in the summer, but she told me there will be a lot of flies in the summer. I don't want to imagine this situation. There were a lot of tourists who were most Chinese. I was surprised they had cup noodle in such a place.

There isn't any restaurant near it, so we went toward her house and had lunch near hers. It took 2 hours to get restaurant.

I'm sorry that I slept a little while he was driving a lot.

We had lunch at Chinese restaurant and I got home.

I was tired but I enjoyed it!

Chika and Jum-kun Thank you so much!❤️😊🙏