The Chicken Festival🍗

I went to the Chicken Festival with my friends last week. It was out of the city and it took a hour to get there by the train. It was near Regent station.

I saw train crossings when we went to the festival. It was my first time, and I was so surprised when I saw it. Before the train came to the station, the alarm rang. The fence of train crossings closed in front of us as soon as the alarm rang.

In Japan, as soon as it rang, the lever of train crossings downed in front of walkers. I found different points between Japan and Australia.


I talked with my friends in English and I did my best.

The festival has different chickens and we shared it. It was good, so I was very full. We took photos and it was fun time.



After we went back to the city, I and Mia went window shopping and bought bubble tea. I bought it at different shop where she recommended. It's a cheaper shop than usual shop where I went. It was yummy.


Then, she wanted to buy something about beauty, so we walked around the city. We talked a lots and I had great time. Thank you so much! Let's hang out next time!😊💓