Journey💓 end of September!

I joined in VIC tour which was held by U&I Global with Chihiro. After I’ve been to Melbourne, I had a bus journey for the first time.



We went to Grampians National Park, Mackenzie Waterfalls and The Balcony. I had to wake up early because the meeting time was in the city at 7:15 am, so I was so tired.

First, we went to Grampians, and it took about 4 hours to get there. It recently comes to be spring, so the air-conditioner was working all the time. I felt so cold!!

Before we got there, we had Fish&Chips for lunch near there. It was good, but I couldn’t eat any meal because it’s so big.




After lunch, we got to Grampians and Mackenzie Waterfalls. It’s so amazing, and it made me relaxed. There might be a lot of fresh air. I took some photos with her. It was fun!



There were many tourists like us, we watched a lot of people. And then, a woman dropped her phone into stream, and her friend tried to catch it, but she also dropped into stream. I saw it and I thought poor thing.

After that, we left there and went to The Balcony. It’s so good, but it’s a little hard to get there because we had to a walk about 15 minutes. It’s a place which become a model of “Mononoke Hime” is a Japanese movie. Most people didn’t promise a rule in there, so I was a little sad because I thought the rule should be promised.



After that, we couldn’t go to next place because we didn’t have enough time. I was disappointed, but I enjoyed this journey.

I had good memories in Melbourne.