Ice cream festival🍨 end of September!✨

I went to same place where I went for Chicken Festival before with Yuki and Chihiro.

Before we went there, we went to China town to eat Shoronpo.



It was so good.

After that, we went there to eat ice cream. There were different ice cream, and we shared a little strange ice cream. It was with a syringe, and syringe had Mango sauce. It was so nice and cute.





When I saw the syringe, I reminded of my previous work.



While we were eating, the final football game held in Melbourne.

There were many people who watched it. We didn’t know rules of the game, but I thought it was fun.

Some people who watched it were cheering Melbourne term, and they looked like enjoying.



We went home without watching the end of game, but  the term won!! The local people were so happy.

I wanna go back to Japan, and I wanna see the volleyball game.